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Minimizing Workplace Conflicts

Telecommuting. Hoteling. #metoo. Biometrics. It was not too long ago that these were unknown terms in the business community.  Now, they are part of the common lexicon.  That is how quickly the workplace environment can change.

If you are like us, your people are your most valuable resource. You want to provide a positive workplace environment and culture where your employees and coworkers can be at their productive best, all while navigating the increasingly complex employment laws. Achieving this goal is critical to your success. We get that. After all, as a business ourselves, our workplace is sacrosanct to us, too. So, how can we help?

We provide sensible advice to not only solve workplace challenges, but to prevent them in the first place.  We take a proactive approach to audit existing practices, modify employment policies, and train both management and rank-and-file employees. We draft careful and enforceable documents protecting your valuable assets. We prepare handbooks and policies to help you foster a positive workplace environment consistent with your company’s culture.

Nonetheless, despite our collective best efforts, we can never entirely eliminate workplace conflict. And, sometimes, conflict results in administrative charges, litigation, or other proceedings. Fortunately, our team has extensive experience litigating on behalf of our clients in all types of employment disputes, including discrimination, harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination, wage and hour, accommodation and leave disputes, and restrictive covenants. We approach those proceedings responsibly, weighing the value of your capital and reputation against the danger of setting adverse precedent.  It is the same as we do for ourselves.

In sum, we regularly:

  • Provide seasoned advice on complex personnel matters
  • Prepare and update employee handbooks and personnel policies
  • Draft and litigate confidentiality, non-competition, and non-solicitation agreements
  • Audit employment practices and conduct compliance training
  • Draft employment offer letters and agreements and independent contractor agreements
  • Plan, conduct, and document investigations involving discrimination, harassment, and other misconduct
  • Counsel employers on compliance with federal, state and local wage and hour regulations
  • Advise state and federal contractors on compliance obligations, and represent contractors in state and federal audits
  • Counsel and defend employers with respect to the collection, storage and use of biometric information
  • Implement discipline and discharge protocols
  • Represent employers in unfair labor practice charges and grievance arbitrations
  • Advise employers on legal compliance regarding separations, reductions, plant closing, and mass layoff regulations, and draft agreements and required notices
  • Defend discrimination, harassment, and wrongful discharge claims in federal and state court as well as administrative agencies.
  • Defend wage and equal pay claims before state departments of labor and the Federal Department of Labor
  • Contest unemployment claims before the Illinois Department of Employment Security
  • Litigate employment-related claims in state and federal courts

Why PFS?

We focus on your business goals, providing pragmatic advice to promote a positive workplace environment and workable policies and procedures that comply with existing and evolving employment laws.